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How Many Belts and Buckles Should One Own?

How Many Belts and Buckles Should One Own?
Fashion Accessories Guidelines - On How Many Belt Buckles Should One Own?
- The perfect Belt Buckle wardrobe fashion guidelines for Men & Women.
Generally speaking, we should all own at least as many Belt Buckles & Belts, as pair of shoes that can easily be mixed and rotated through.
In fact, I recommend that when you buy a new pair of Shoes, you should always buy a Belt Buckle and Belt to match that pair of shoes.
Consider stepping a bit out of the comfort zone and commence by owning a few unique flamboyant Cool Belt Buckles and Belts that go with your dressing style.
The average American owns a minimum of 5 Belt Buckles, 5 Belts and 5 pairs of Shoes, but it all depends on one's extravagant flamboyant fashion style on accessory needs!
For someone growing up in Midland U.S.A the Cool Belt Buckles of choice back then, for many working men and women in the dry heat dust of the Texas oil fields, cowboy, cowgirl ranches and farms, it was the Western Belt Buckle...since then the times have changed!
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